J + S - Anniversary

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

    I love the holidays and all the magic it brings to our house, but I think I let out a sigh of relief when its all over. You know that feeling when you finally get your tree dissembled and your decorations packed away... your living room looks like its had a makeover, ha! I really do love the holidays but I think just as much, I also love the fresh start of a New Year.

    New Years day was my first official day back to work after nearly a month off. It was also the first decently nice day we had seen here on the island for some time, so you can imagine how busy the park was. New Years day also happened to be J & S ten year anniversary - a whole decade!! (insert applause). S reached out to me on facebook, asking if I could work with them on recreating their wedding photos….of coarse I said YES! How fun! She mentioned she would be wearing a white dress and he would be dressing up semi-formal, and tagging along would be their two Irish twin daughters.

    These four were a dream to work with, trekking through the park in heels, climbing up mountains and not caring one bit about how many people were around. I really could not have imagined spending my New Years day much differently. 


    xox, Jenna


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