Porch Sessions

    I’m Back!!

    It’s been awhile since I posted a blog. Funny, I think I start every blog off with some phrase like that, ha! So FYI…if you are wanting a current look at my most recent work, you will find it on my instagram + Facebook pages. Im a little surprised in myself that I didn’t use any of my downtime during the most intense moments of Covid to share more sessions, but here we are….alive and well.

    What a ride these last few months has been. Mid March for us started off with loads of excitement. The kids, my Mom and I were bound for the beaches of Florida for 2.5 weeks then I was jumping over to New York City to catch the Blue Jays vs. Yankees home opener weekend with my man crush. Talk about an exciting month of adventures- one I had planned since the previous September! Well, three days before our departure date, the world basically shut down and we spent what should have been in paradise, inside, away from family and friends and quarantined to our four walls. Boohoo- but this wasn’t just us, it was basically everyone I know. Despite having our lives turned a little upside down, these past few months have given me a bit of a brighter outlook on life and on the relationship I have with my littles. A couple things I mentioned to families while shooting these porch sessions was how much I’ve loved this life slowdown. I couldn’t remember the last time I had sat down and had a non-rushed breakfast with my kids or enjoyed doing homework with them (this did not last long…). This slow down gave me time to appreciate all the time we have had together. Being able to walk out our front door at any given time of day and just go for a walk and explore nature, was wonderful. Also, I kind of hate to admit it but not having any extra curricular activities has also been a nice break. Don’t get me wrong, I love that my kids stay busy and involved but it gets to a point where this is not one day of the week someone doesn’t have something….which then turns into quick dinners and rushed bedtimes.

    So fast forward a month into isolation, a friend of mine sent me a screenshot of a Calgary photographer doing these “porch sessions”. She said “you should so totally do this with your neighbours”. My first thought was, I haven’t left my house in 3 weeks, but it sure would be nice to hold my camera again. So, uncertain of the response I would get, I tried my luck and offered these sessions in the Nanaimo (and beyond) area. I was blown away by the positive comments  and bookings I received. These sessions were an affordable way to document a crazy time in history, something that many of the youngsters I photographed may possibly use in a history class one day. Not only did these sessions bring me so much joy to just get out of my house and use my creative skills but also seeing all these smiling faces made me realize that amongst all this crazy chaos and darkness happening throughout the world, there was still light & we’re all in this together.

    Lastly, I just wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who booked these sessions. By supporting my small business you also helped support myself and my kids. We appreciate you all so much.

    Love and gratitude, Jenna xox


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