I still remember those last days as a family of three so clearly. Consuming my mind were thoughts of worry and a little bit of saddness. How will I ever love another human being as much as I love my first?.... and...Will there be enough love and time to go around?. I had my serious doubts on how I would manage motherhood with a 24 month old and a newborn, but hey, almost 8 years later and there is plenty of love to go around and I couldnt imagine our life any other way.

    Stacey was a dreammm to work with. She has great style and an awesome  'heck ya!, up for anything attitude making it an extra fun afternoon. Baby girl is due to arrive anyday now, so as these two prepare for arrival, I am anxiously awaiting the text to book newborn photos, ahhh, YAY!

    xox, Jenna


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